Regular maintenance of the motor

Regular maintenance of the motor will guarantee long life


The older the oil gets in your car, the more friction it causes. The smooth molycules of oil eventually turn rough and this is when there is wear and tear placed on the motor. Replacing the oil every 5000km will ensure the engine oil will be working well throughout that time. Changing your oil filter at the same service interval will ensure that any dirt is collected before recirculating back through the motor.

As technology has got better, better technology has been put into the manufacturing of motor oil. These days there are fully synthetic, semi synthetic and minerial based oils. The most popular has been the mineral based oil.

Semi Synthetic oil is a combination of man-made and natural oil.

Synthetic oil is all manufactured as a opposed to mineral oil which is retrieved out of the ground.

Oil filter

Make air filter high quality, replace each 5000km

Air filter

Make air filter high quality, replace each 5000km


If you notice your car sometimes overheats this is most likely because of a:

Blocked radiator - After a while the radiator can clog and if coolant has not been used the radiator may have rusted out, bonding certain sections of the radiator and making them useless.

Damaged thermostat - Just like a kettle cars have thermostats that are designed to switch off after a certain temperature. If a car thermostat is designed to open (letting water through into the radiator to be cooled) at 85 degrees celcius but remains closed, the temperature of the water (which is not circulating around the radiator) will keep rising. Replacing the thermostat and gasket around the thermostat will need to be done and fresh coolant to replace what was taken out.

Leaking Headgasket - A headgasket sits inbetween the block of the motor and the cylinder head. Inbetween the headgasket there are water jackets all around the piston, and the headgasket must allow coolant to flow through without obstruction. If a headgasket was to break or the head to crack, it would allow a certain amount of water into the combustion chamber and gradually the water in the cooling system will run out which will result in the car overheating.

Maintain your cars suspension for a smoother ride and better handling

Suspension is an often overlooked maintenance item that can have big impacts on drivability and safety. Sagging springs will make the car handle like a boat and the response time in case of an emergency is greatly reduced. Shock absorbers play a huge role in keeping the car from loosing adhesion to the road on every surface.

Suspension bushes translate all the bumps in the road to the chassis of the car. After a while the rubber made bushes wear away and suspension components have more play in them. This often results in knocking noises, poor car handling and bad steering response.

Keeping these aspects in good condition could save your life.

Car paint (or known as "Duco") that has been taken care of looks fantastic and pushes the value of the car by quite a bit. It only takes a bit of care towards it to last the distance.

I have owned cars that were 18 years old yet the paint looked like it was out of the factory. Heres how you can ensure yours will last too:


Washing your car every 2-3 weeks is a great way to keep any dirt from attacking your paint. Bird leavings are one of the worst things to leave on your car, the acid in the leavings will fade sections of paint quite severely.


Polishing your car does not have to be done so regularly but if done right will ensure that any dirt on the car during your regular washes will do as little damage as possible. A nicely polished car will have a very impressive shine to it and the procedure to polishing a car is relatively simple. Instructions will be found on the back of the product.


A coat of paint has hundreds of layers, but with time the top layers who are subjected to rain, heat and cold eventually oxidise which will leave the paint colour looking flat and lacking much shine. The idea behind a cut and polish is that it cuts into one of those layers and removes the oxidised paint.

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