Handling The ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
ECU (Electronic Control Unit) contains electronic component that are extremely sensitivy to power surges, static, electricity, and phisical shock. Whenever working on or around microcomputer-based system, the following procedures should be used to avoid damaged to electronic component.
  • Power must always be OFF wen removing or installing Ecu wiring harness connector. Make sure the ignitions is turned off and the ECu Fuse Removed.
  • To get rid of any static charge buildup, frequently touch a known good ground with your hands or use statistic protection kit during installation of a ECu. This is especially important if you are moving your feet on a carpet or sliding across a seat.
  • Jumper cable should be connected and disconnected with the ignition OFF to avoid possible power surges. You should avoid both giving and getting jump starts.
  • Always remove the battery cable before charging the battery in car.
  • Hande the ECu unit with extreme care. Dropping it from about waist height onto a concrete floor can do permanent damage.
  • never apply 12V directly to any components of an ECu control System unless intructed specifically to do so. Some components are designed to operate at much lower voltage levels and can be destroyed almost instantly by this higher voltage.
  • When measureing microcomputer-controlled components, suplay voltage with multimeter and separate ane test probe lead from other. If the two test probe leads accidentally make contact with each other during measurement, the circuit will be stored, resuting in damage to the control unit's power transistor.
  • When connecting disconnecting pin connectors into or from the microprosessor port, take care not to damage pin terminals.
  • When installing a replacement engine computer or other electronic module, take the unit out of its protective antistatic bag at the last possible minute.

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