Alexa of Otomotif Center

Within a week, alexa rank Otomotif Center changes in a very surprising and confusing, from 18 million increase to 3 million for a few days up and down continuously in the radius (18 million - 3 million) and this day changed to 1.7 million. Actually do not know what happened to alexa, why suddenly change every day, when postig normal visitor only and not many are still few.

I hope to continue to increase alexa, he he .. So fast alexanya high rank, if the pains alexa rank is still great value. I just tried to post and blogroll, add a link to external blogs in my friend. Do not forget, I learned in the blog-tutorial, that simple and clear, complete in various info about the new blog.

Automotive Center is a blog about the center of automotive knowledge, from the engine, electric engine and body, ECU (electronic control unit) and the various reviews and info about automotive news. We hope this blog into a blog about the study with automotive technology, information and interesting discussions with the automobile. Good luck always make automotive center.

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